Leaves compound and alternate

1. Tendrils
A Arising from axil of leaf, glands Passifloraceae
B Arising at 90° from petiole Cucurbitaceae
2. No tendrils
A Conspicious pulvinus
(a) Many leaflets Leguminosae
  (i) Spines by pairs Machaerium sp. (Papilionaceae)
  (ii) Spines many and scattered Mimosaceae
(b) Few leaflets
  (i) Stipules, bean like odor Leguminosae
  (ii) No stipules, no odor Connaraceae
B No conspicious pulvinus
(a) Leaflets more or less serrate, bi-fid tendrils Sapindaceae
(b) Leaves with parallel venation, very spiny Desmoncus sp. (Arecaceae (Palmae))